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We give engaging keynotes and inspirational talks – at conferences, meetups, and in-house. Educational, and always also entertaining.

Talks – sharing knowledge

We love to share our knowledge and experience of technologies and concepts. For us, making complexity understandable and explaining difficult issues in simple and clear terms is essential. In more than a decade, we have given more than 500 engaging keynotes and inspirational talks at conferences, meetups, and in-house, world-wide. And we can do this for you, too, for any audience from developers to C-level management.

Conquering complexity

To make complexity understandable and explain difficult issues, simplicity is the key. This is only possible if you grasp the essence of the presented topic and use the language of your audience. Then it's as easy as ABC.


Learning is more than remembering facts. The more you bring facts to life, the better they are understood and memorized. Listening to a great talk is as enjoyable as being told a good and thrilling story.

Live coding

Heart with vitals
Theory is nothing without practice. Just talking about code, presenting slides, and showing off ready-made demos can never be enough. That's why live coding is part of any good tech talk.
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No matter if the event is a small one or if there are hundreds of people in the audience – as soon as the stage is set, we give the adequate talk, from lightning talks to deep-dives, from birds of a feather sessions to panel discussions. We always address and respond to our specific target group, be it developers, designers, domain experts, CTOs, or CEOs. If you want us to talk at your event or need a content manager for your conference, let's get in touch!

Golo giving a talk


We have given talks at various enterprise and community-driven conferences all over the world. Hence we are highly experienced in different kinds of sessions and topics. We also help first-time speakers to get started.
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We have always appreciated the momentum of collaborating with the community, either by paying visits to established meetups or by organizing meetups on our own. New ways of collaborations are always welcome.
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We always enjoy to enhance in-house events, by giving inspirational talks or taking part in panel discussions. Tell us about your needs and ideas, and we will recommend possible ways of collaboration.


The following talk was delivered at the International JavaScript Conference in October 2018 by our CTO, Golo Roden. It is a one-hour introduction to CQRS, event-sourcing, and domain-driven design. Additionally, the talk covers a quick implementation of a sample application with our CQRS and event-sourcing framework wolkenkit. If you want us to participate in your conference, meetup, or in-house event with a talk or another type of session, let's get in touch!

DDD, event sourcing and CQRS – theory and practicePlay
Sophie van Sky
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If you are looking for a valuable addition to your conference, meetup, or in-house event, we would be more than happy to support you in achieving your goals and visions. To get started, send us a message and tell us about you and your event ideas. We are confident that together we will figure out the right way to help you. Whatever kind of event you are going to organize, we will shape and provide a tailor-made solution for your individual needs.

Susanna Roden

Susanna Roden, founder and managing director, is looking forward to receive your message and to get to know you!