A wolkenkit tutorial

tl;dr: We are more and more frequently asked whether there are any tutorials, guides and howtos for DDD, CQRS, event-sourcing and wolkenkit. This blog post gives an overview of the available resources.

On the one hand, we often talk about these topics at conferences and meetings. If you follow us closely, you may know that some of these talks have been recorded. First and foremost, you may be interested in a talk that was given at the Munich Node.js user group in June 2018, which consists of two parts.

The first part provides an introduction to DDD, CQRS and event-sourcing. It describes all the concepts and ideas, and explains how they relate to each other. The second part then shows how to implement a domain with wolkenkit, including (among other things) defining commands and events as well as using projections.

Video tutorials and written guides

But there's more – the wolkenkit documentation features a tutorial called Creating an application from scratch. It describes in great detail all the steps that are required to get from idea to code. If, additionally, you want to secure your applications by using authentication, you may be interested in the Building Real-Time Web Applications using wolkenkit guide published by Auth0.

What you may also be interested in is a series of blog posts, starting with What's wrong with CRUD. Over the course of 10 episodes this series focuses on the various parts of DDD, and links them to CQRS and event-sourcing.

In German, please

So far, all the content is in English. But we also have you covered if you prefer to read in German. As an introduction you might want to have a look at two blog posts published by Maiborn-Wolff.

The first is DDD, Event-Sourcing und CQRS: Theorie und Praxis. It introduces you to various terms and concepts. Then, the second part is called DDD, Event-Sourcing und CQRS im Beispiel, and shows how to implement a domain using wolkenkit.

And, finally, to get you started you might also be interested in wolkenkit: Die vernetzte Welt co-kreativ entwickeln


As you have seen, there are quite a number of resources available to learn about DDD, CQRS, event-sourcing – and wolkenkit. Additionally, we have created curated lists of articles, blog posts and videos, and added them to the wolkenkit documentation, so that you can always find the latest content there.

If you have any questions – whether conceptually, regarding to getting started, or related to working with wolkenkit – you are always welcome to contact us. Therefore, either join the wolkenkit Slack or simply say hello@thenativeweb.io. We look forward to meet you!

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