Node.js for the enterprise

You are building the next distributed cloud-native application, and you want it to be amazing. Need some help? We do consultingon everything web and cloud, including planning your architecture, evaluating your process, and guiding your development.


What we offer

Planning your architecture

We help you setup your architectural strategy and define tactical steps individually tailored to your needs. Be it micro-services, SOA, CQRS, SEDA & co.

Evaluating your process

We perform code reviews and act as your co-pilot in pair programming. We teach testing and TDD, and assist you in creating and implementing coding styleguides.

Guiding your development

We guide you from scratch to deep-dive, and also assist with specific problems. Hence, we teach JavaScript and Node.js, and also related technologies such as Git and Docker, to name a few.

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Who we are

Golo Roden

Founder, CTO, and managing partner

„Since we want to deliver elegant yet simple solutions of high quality for complex problems, we care about details with love: things are done when they are done, and we give them the time they need to mature.”

Susanna Roden

Founder and managing partner

„To be open means to regularly question and throw away yesterday's work, and to acknowledge your faults. In our team, we help each other to strive for the courage required for that.”

Matthias Wagler

Lead core development

„Discovering and developing things works better if you're not alone. Hence we pair for everything and always talk about what we think. We are deeply convinced that one and one makes more than just two.”

Stefan Brandys

Managing partner

„Getting things conceptually right means finding answers at a lower level. That's why we question things over and over again. This way we want to get to well-thought answers that are composable and sustainable.”

Markus Turber

Partner, strategic design

„In technology, the only constant is change. For us, that's nothing to worry about. To the contrary, we look forward to tomorrow, and openly welcome all the interesting and exciting things the new day will bring.”

Steffen Süpple

Partner, strategic design

„We believe that having the chance to learn and to evolve every day is a valuable privilege that we are very thankful for. Having a deep desire for knowledge, we take hard problems as welcome challenges, not vice versa.”

We are smart and get things done. And we hire.

Our conference

A few years ago there was no conference on JavaScript and Node.js for the enterprise. In association with our partners – heise Developer, iX, and dpunkt.verlag – we decided to make a change: since 2014 we run enterJS. The conference is taking place in Germany every year, with more than 500 participants from all over the world.

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To learn about JavaScript and Node.js there is a variety of amazing resources on the web – at least, if you speak English. As we want to improve the diversity of languages and to raise inclusion, we created tech:lounge. That's why this section is in German.

Einführung in Node.js, Folge 15: Integration-Tests schreiben

Unit-Tests überprüfen einzelne Funktionseinheiten isoliert, Integration-Tests hingegen prüfen das Zusammenspiel verschiedener Komponenten im Verbund. Allerdings haben sie häufig auch externe Abhängigkeiten, beispielsweise auf das Dateisystem oder das Netzwerk. Wie lassen sich solche Tests in Node.js schreiben?

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We love open source


For us, software is the result of a collaborative process where interdisciplinary teams create the tools we all need to build the future. In doing so we follow a few core values such as thinking evolutionary, improving continuously, and sharing knowledge.


We are aware that we owe so much to the community that we have the desire to give something in return. For this reason we have open-sourced our Node.js and JavaScript modules on GitHub. Feel free to use whatever we have released.


As we value diversity and welcome different points of view, we believe that the community is stronger together. All contributions, including issues and pull requests, are highly appreciated. A selection of our open source modules can be found below.


…is a logger for cloud-based applications.

„flaschenpost is perfect for monitoring our microservices, both on-premise and in the cloud! With it, we get meaningful structured data instead of a wasteland of text.”

– Michael Scherer, SEAL Systems


…automates your build.

„We use roboter as Swiss army knife to test, build, release, and dockerize our Node.js apps. The good folks at the native web have been really flexible to address some minor changes for our workflow.”

– Holger Rode, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise


…provides fluent TDD.

„assertthat gives us a well documented and easy to use interface for TDD style assertions in our unit tests. It doesn't get in our way and lets us focus on the task at hand.”

– Sebastian Golasch, Deutsche Telekom