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When the best technologies are used to build the future. When concepts align with your vision. When development services, consulting and training take you to the next level. When you solve real-world problems with wolkenkit. When you never stop learning.

Then it's the native web.

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Hello, we are the native web

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a consulting, training, and development company that specializes in web and cloud technologies and related concepts. We strive for smart and elegant solutions for complex problems, and we believe that software development is not an end in itself. Instead, software should solve actual real-world problems. We accompany our customers from shaping visions and modeling domains to evaluating technologies, designing architectures, and building applications.


JavaScript and TypeScript are our languages of choice. We prefer Node.js and wolkenkit on the server-side, and React for the UI. We apply operations using Docker and Kubernetes, and we version everything with Git.


We design distributed applications and APIs with CQRS, event-sourcing, and domain-driven design. We gain business insights using AI and value state of the art cryptography. All our processes build on agile methods.


We provide professional consulting and development services. We also run workshops, on-site and remote. In addition, we give talks at international conferences and meetups, as well as in-house for our customers.

Creating the future

We believe that native web and cloud technologies are the foundation the future is built upon. Our key competence is designing and developing distributed web and cloud applications using these technologies in interdisciplinary teams. We also develop our own open-source CQRS and event-sourcing framework called wolkenkit. And we love to share our knowledge in trainings and workshops, at conferences and meetups.


Learn about wolkenkit, our CQRS and event-sourcing framework based on Node.js. Get to know its features and licensing options, and have a look at the documentation. If you want to get involved, see how to contribute.


Want to extend your knowledge and stay up-to-date regarding web and cloud technologies? Have a look at our free tech:lounge video courses to learn about Node.js, wolkenkit, React, and Docker.


We have a clear vision how to create a sustainable future: Read more about us and our core values. We love open-source and favour community-driven development. Have a look at our blog to stay up-to-date. Want to join us?
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Joining forces

None of this would be possible without the loyal collaboration with our great customers and partners. We are thankful for our strong network and pleased to give you a few impressions. Together we envision, design, and build digital processes in interdisciplinary teams, with a great sense of adventure, the courage to fail, and an unconditional belief in the future. We would like to invite you to join forces with us, too!


Together with the native web we are developing a web API for controlling and monitoring industrial robots. The colleagues impress with detailed knowledge, high flexibility, and a working method with a lot of love for detail. We are looking forward to continue the long lasting trustful cooperation in the future.

Andreas Wissing, Managing director

The React workshop in cooperation with the native web was excellently organized. The training concept was tailored to the needs and expertise of the participants. Thanks to the native web, we now use React on our social collaboration platform and benefit from the workshop.

Daniel Togelang, Developer
Landesverwaltung Fürstentum Liechtenstein

the native web supported us during the introduction of Node.js and the development of a generic baseline architecture for our various APIs and web applications. We particularly appreciated the highly skilled and also trustful cooperation, which enabled us to achieve the desired results very quickly.

Stefan Eugster, Developer

At MaibornWolff we have been working with domain-driven design in various contexts for quite some time. Instead of setting up our own training format for internal knowledge transfer, we have found an excellent alternative with the outstanding and practice oriented DDD workshops from the native web, which is why the question of "doing it on your own" no longer arises for us.

Silas Graffy, Assistant Division Manager IT Renovation
SEAL Systems

For many years we have been working successfully with our colleagues from the native web, who with their proven expertise in web and cloud technologies help us with advice and support in the design of our products. We greatly appreciate the cooperation and look forward to further joint projects in the future.

Thomas Tikwinski, CTO
Ebner Media Group
heise online
heise developer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Intuity Media Lab
Landesverwaltung Fürstentum Liechtenstein
Porsche Digital
ProSiebenSat.1 Digital
SEAL Systems
sodge IT